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Want your company to join this list? FCD INC has the experience and methods to help. Click here for more coverage of the Top 100, including a look at major trends and profiles of the top 20. How we got our numbers, click here. COMPANIES BY RANKING 2012 Company Contracts 2011 1 Lockheed Martin Corp. $17,438,128,000 1 2 Northrop Grumman Corp. $9,143,329,000 2 3 Boeing Co. $7,455,878,000 3 4 SAIC $5,938,089,000 6 5 Raytheon...

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After working hard with CPT Medical, FCD INC is proud to announce winning and servicing over $3.2M in federal contracts to the VA Medical Centers in Memphis, Indianapolis, Detroit, and Ann Arbor. Visit for more information.    

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FCD INC is excited to announce it’s latest strategic partnership with Ledger Work Inc. Ledger Work Inc is a software service firm that specializes in order capture and order management tools for companies with existing federal contracts. FCD is looking to them to provide their services to support MAS (Multiple Award Schedule) contracts such as GSA Schedules. “With this partnership, we know we can offer the best possible solutions to...

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