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Federal Contracting Distributors (FCD) educates your small to medium sized business through live webinars that empower you to win profitable government contracts. Our webinars are designed as a three-part series that explore the intricacies, pitfalls, and opportunities in the government contracting world.

FCD offers three separate webinars:


Introduction to Government Contracting

Is your company ready to do business with the government?

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Course Description

  • Introductory Session Outline 
    • Instructor introduction and experience in government contracting
    • Overview of key mistakes to avoid when starting out as a government contractor
    • Basic philosophies to adopt in government sales
    • Acknowledgement of current realities facing federal agencies and government contractors by virtue of today’s economic and political climates
    • Coping mechanisms for both established and young companies to endure and even take advantage of today’s procurement atmosphere (i.e. ways to stay in front of a dynamic, sometimes volatile buying arena)
    • Brief discussion of long-term strategies and how to position one’s company for scaling growth and development within the government space.
  • Takeaway Objectives
    • Provide a basic understanding of government contracting mechanisms that is both engaging to existing contractors and digestible for those in attendance who are new to the federal space
    • Gain confidence & perspective that current political complications shouldn’t deter new players from entering the market, nor should it push established firms to consider closing shop; rather, recognize that even small pivots can help circumvent financial trouble
    • Offer an introduction needed to continue into advanced government contracting education

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Securing Your First Government Contract

What you need to know about securing a government contract

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Government Contracting Bootcamp

Becoming an effective government contractor

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