When it comes to federal contracting, we’ve found that our clients typically fall into one of three categories. Either they have no experience with government contracting, they have started the process and are stalled, or they are underperforming in their government sales efforts. FCD INC offers solutions to meet clients where they are and gives them the expertise to take their federal sales to the next level. Based on your level of experience in the federal space, FCD INC will provide your firm with the tools needed to effectively sell your products or services to the federal government.

Listed below are some of the services FCD INC offers that are tailored to your firm’s level of experience in dealing with the federal government.

  • SAM (formerly CCR) Setup/Review
  • Market research reports, cost/benefit analysis
  • GSA/FSS schedule
  • Website branding/marketing to the federal government
  • Digital collateral development
  • Salesforce training and development
  • Proposal writing
  • Lead generation/opportunity identification
  • GSA/FSS schedule management