FCD INC wants to make America better and help companies succeed.    Our goal is to impact and improve over 1,000 companies and 2% of annual government purchases, resulting in a win-win outcome where jobs are created, the government is stronger, and companies thrive.

We believe in fair, honest transactions between small businesses and the government for goods and services that meet a need or requirement and provide better value to or improve the government while allowing for a reasonable vendor profit.

In that context, we feel that it’s reasonable and necessary for government vendors to be very successful.   We do feel that such success should not come through dishonest, unethical, or inferior products and services.

Our progress will be measured in the people we reach, educate, and assist as well as the dollar volume of transactions associated with those efforts.   We do this because, in our experience, if you don’t measure it, you can’t change it.

Check back soon for the progress of the FCD INC tide as it rises.